Wasatch Chess Isn’t a Life Long Dream….. 

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 Wasatch Chess isn’t a life long dream….but chess is a game we have come to love over the years.  Unfortunately, chess in Utah is not what it should be.  Other than internet chess, there aren’t a lot of options for over the board play.  We hope to help set things right.

US Chess is the national association under which all tournaments are run, and how players get their rating. Wasatch Chess is officially affiliated with US Chess. We’re organized by two volunteers—over the course of the next couple months we’ll introduce all of you to us.

We set out to start a chess club to expand the scope of chess in Utah County. First on our agenda was to find a venue. Thank you Spanish Fork City Library for accommodating our club play and being so gracious.  

Our desire is to further Utah chess by offering fun club play. In addition, hosting tournaments, offering private lessons, and facilitating chess at local schools under a structured and fun club umbrella.

It’s a long road, we know. Yet we have to start somewhere, beginning with a single step kind of thing. 

Club play should be interesting. We don’t have anything set in stone here. Mostly, play will be relaxed. Clocks can be used, or not. Slow games, or fast. We’re working on a club conduct contract of some sort, hoping, however, that everyone will be friendly and easy going. All age levels, and all skill levels are welcome. 

Tournaments that can get players ratings can only be done through affiliated clubs like ours. Tournaments, when they are, and how they’re run, are still to be decided. No, we don’t have a venue for a tournament yet, or even dates. It’s a bit down the road, and we’re just getting started. 

Private lessons are available for players hoping to play better. We’re not masters of the game, but we know how to play and can improve nearly anyone’s game. Ask for details if that’s of interest. We’ve even discussed a summer session or two—a camp for group lessons and play. We’ll see if there’s interest.

Finally, we’d like to offer play at local schools. Details are spotty, but the gist is to work in conjunction with a teacher who’ll sponsor a chess club, and we’ll provide instruction and structure. Eventually, in several decades or so, schools would expand the club and provide better Utah County play. 

Remember, our goal is simply to celebrate the game. 

“You can only get good at chess if you love the game.” Bobby Fischer


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  • Howard Smith

    I’ve been around long enough to remember the heyday of chess in Utah. There were multiple tournaments a year, there were lots of chess clubs around, and there were even several masters and one grandmaster around. I moved away, and now that I’m back 20 years later, Utah is a chess desert. Few clubs, few tournaments, and some of those are being cancelled due to a lack of entries. Sad, indeed.

  • cr0ckl2

    Hey Howard. I found the same thing when I moved back. You should come play with us. The more interested people we have, the better caliber player we will attract.

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