Kids of different ages, boys and girls, playing chess on the tournament in the chess club


We currently have one club in Spanish Fork UT.  We would like to expand to offer clubs in many communities throughout the state.  If you would like to start a club in your community, we can help through:

  • Venue Location
  • Advertising
  • Tournament Hosting
  • Instruction
  • Fund Raising
Scholastic Chess player playing white studying the board and about to make his first move.

School Assistance

Chess programs belong in every school from elementary school to college.  Chess promotes abstract, logical, and creative thinking that pairs perfectly with education.  If your school doesn’t have a club, we can help through:

  • Program Setup
  • Teacher Instruction
  • Student Instruction
  • Tournament Hosting
  • Advertising
Two young boys and their mentor adult man, playing chess in school of chess.


Working one-on-one with an experienced chess coach will drastically improve anybody’s chess game.  At a rate of $40 per hour, we will assess you or your child’s skill level and pair you with the perfect coach.  We can help you improve in may ways:

  • Fundamentals
  • Tactics
  • Opening Theory
  • Tournament Preparation
  • Endgame Studies
  • Game Analysis
  • Checkmating Patterns
Two young boys, playing chess in school of chess.

Tournament Hosting

In order to hold a United States Chess Federation (USCF) sanctioned tournament, you need to have a USCF titled tournament director.  This allows players in your club to get official ratings.  Wasatch Chess can host your next tournament with 50 or fewer players at your location or we can find a venue nearby.

  • Affordable Entrance Fees
  • Snack Bar
  • Chess Merchandise
  • USCF Titled Tournament Director
  • USCF Rules Followed
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