1. Provide a venue to play over-the-board chess to Utah communities.

  2. Help Utah schools establish a chess program.

  3. Increase the number and skill of Utah players by:

    • Teaching new players rules and fundamentals.

    • Teaching strategy, position, and tactics to intermediate players.

    • Preparing for tournament play.

  4. Providing a fun atmosphere for players of all ages.

Two young boys and their mentor adult man, playing chess in school of chess.



Eric Raine

Eric has been playing chess since he was 5 years old. Eric has a Bachelors degree from Sacramento State University where he learned to play and love speed chess. Eric has Master degree from Brigham Young University. He’s taught chemistry and biology since 1993–starting here in Spanish Fork. In those classes he started his first chess club (it wasn’t really a club–kids just came and played–like the other founder of this club). Eric loves playing the Giuoco Piano or Ruy Lopez as white, and usually defends with either the Kings Indian or a version of the Sicilian.


Nathan Musil

Nathan has been playing chess since he was 10 years old though he didn’t learn the fundamentals until he was taught by Mr. Raine at Spanish Fork High School.  He joined the Air Force in 1998 and served for 20 years.  During that time he participated in and managed several base clubs.  His favorite opening for white is the English and his favorite opening for black is the Accelerated Dragon variation of the Sicilian Defense.  He holds the position of tournament director.

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